Gadgets have become the integral part of our everyday life. Now life is such that we find it very difficult to live without our devices. As you know the technology is changing or can say revolutionizing with every passing year, so does the gadgets. and you can see many path-breaking gadgets are coming in the market. These gadgets are not just new in features but also stylish, practical, useful, and, more importantly, making our life easy and simple. So here is the list of Top gadgets trends in 2020, which are worth knowing and form a part of our lives. So let’s begin.


  • Toxin Filtering Face Mask
  • Next Generation Fitness Tracker
  • Style Conscious wireless Charger
  • Device Charging Tote bag (Handbags)
  • The TV-based video chat platform
  • Low-cost WIFI Extender
  • Future-ready 5G Router
  • Vehicle Health Tracking Device
  • Item Tracker Keys
  • Youngster Growth Tracking Device
  • Cloud Connected Hard Drives

So let’s begin with a detailed description of TOP GADGETS TRENDS IN 2020

Toxin Filtering Face Mask – TOP GADGETS TRENDS IN 2020


As you know, due to coronavirus, we have started using a Face mask, and not just that, it has become the essential commodity in everyday life. Face mask companies are also coming with new features that are not only trending due to its stylishness but its extremely competent in what it does. The best thing about it is. It is easy to carry and keeps you safe from pollution and bacteria. The mask featured design helps wearer to keep breathing fresh air.

The ATMOBLUE wearable smart purifier is one such product that delivers 99.9% pure air. This mask work with replaceable HEPA filters that provides 150 hours of filtering power, and you can change the filter without disposing of the mask.

Next Generation Fitness Tracker


Fitbit has launched a new product with a new feature named Charge 4. It has several upgrades compared to the old ones. The original product has a built-in GPS, which helps the user to track their runs, and it also has features of heart rate count, blood oxygen sensor, and sleep tracker. It is also a waterproof unit. The battery can power the unit for seven days, depending on GPS use.

Style Conscious wireless Charger


Wireless charging is becoming a new phenomenon in a few houses or offices, but it has not transitioned out of this space yet. and to do this, Aukey has come up with a new wireless charger product. The power bank is packed with a 10000mHZ battery, which helps the user to connect with a wired connection or with QR enabled wireless charging pad. Powerbank delivers 18w with wire and 10w with wireless charging. its suited to power two devices simultaneously.

Device Charging Tote bag (Handbags)


The Nalphi Tote Bag is another pathbreaking product, which brings you a technology feature accessory. Nalphi light up luxury bag helps the user to enhance their daily lifestyle. This tote bag is crafted from luxurious leather with an interior light that will help you to see items inside the bag without getting confused. A built-in security alarm gives you protection from unauthorized user and in return help you to denying access to the unknown as well as to kids. Nalphi luxury tote bag comes up with a power bank that you can help you to charge smartphones with a go.

The TV-based video chat platform


The Facebook TV portal that helps you to use technology which allows you to connect with your friends/relative on the big screen with the help of Whats app. This service also has a built-in Alexa feature. You can simultaneously watch Facebook videos and pictures along with your friends. The portal TV lunched by Facebook means it brings you video calling, AR gaming, and content co watching to the biggest screen in your household.

Low-cost WIFI ExtenderTOP GADGETS TRENDS IN 2020


Most of us face the issue of connectivity in our houses almost daily as our current router is not capable of providing network in all corners of the household. So to bring solutions to this problem, Vanin has brought low cost wifi extender, which with minimal setup, can be plugged anywhere in the house, and you can enjoy the seamless connectivity. Vanin dual band wifi extender work on both 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Future-ready 5G RouterTOP GADGETS TRENDS IN 2020


The TCL Linkhub 5G Router is a next level technological solution, which helps user to manage present as well as future requirements. This TCL link hub is available with Qualcomm Snapdragon X55 processor, that can handle upto 1000 connection. its capable of delivering 3.6 Gbps along with 5G connectivity. It provides exceptional power and usability for the user.

Vehicle Health Tracking Device


The Thnkdriver car diagnostic tool is a Bluetooth enabled device, Thinkdriver device needs to attach in vehicles OBD II port. It helps the driver or car owner to get maximum control over the car as it provides ample data to users’ smartphones about car health. And in return helps you to diagnose the vehicle when the issues are in the primary stage. As a result, it helps you to save future diagnostic costs. It also helps you to avoid a constant visit to a mechanic. You can check it out on your own that which one is the measure problem and which is not.

Item Tracker Keys – TOP GADGETS TREND IN 2020


Bianca has come up with a new technological product that will help you to locate your products like key or smartphone. It is the latest tracking technology which prevents you from misplacing your valuable things. The key is powered bile Tile technology. User can quickly pinpoint their items from their smartphone.

Youngster Growth Tracking Device


Kiko height measurement product is used for tracking the growth of young children. By just being positioned on the head, you will get the detail on your smartphone through device enabled app, which helps you to understand the growth of young ones by calculating their heights. Parents can track the growth of a child over the period, ensuring they grow at a healthy rate.

Cloud Connected Hard Drives


The conceptual Lenovo Awan connected hard drive the winner of the if award 2020. It is entirely different from the traditional hard drive as it relates to the cloud server and helps you to give limitless space to store your data. It only charges you a one-time fee at the time of subscription, which allows you to save money. And The device focus on delivering a convenient experience. The drive boasts the cloud-connected design which will automatically connect to the cloud server once attached to your laptop or desktop.

So these are the product which i believe are revolutionary and will bring considerable changes in our day to day life. I hope you liked the Top Gadgets trend in 2020 topic. and you got the idea about trending gadgets that are becoming revolutionary in today’s day to day life. Please make comments about what you feel and any feedback if you want to give. Happy Buying!

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