Top 5 knowledge sources

Hi guys, I hope you are doing fine. Today I am going to tell you the top 5 knowledge sources. Just a few days back, I was having a conversation with one of my friends, and we were arguing about the education system and the knowledge we get in school, colleges.

Later, I started thinking that, Today, we talk about many things because the world has become small due to the internet. We get all information on a click, so acquiring new knowledge is easy, but you go back twenty years. Our sources of information were limited, and if we compare it with Today’s time, there are a lot many sources, but it has disadvantages also.

Nowadays, we get tons of information through these sources. But all information is not knowledge material. I am saying this because everyone can post a video or article and gives you information and it is up to you whether you can identify, its genuine or not. So it becomes challenging to get the right person or right online account on the internet platform to identify, trust, and follow it for the knowledge. You also have to do the customization to earn or gain understanding through these sources. 

So today I am going to tell you the top five knowledge sources which I feel can give you knowledge if you use it smartly and effectively it can help you to gain experience.

So these are the sources of knowledge –  

Twitter –

So my first source is Twitter, many of you will be surprised, but it is. The reason behind it is that this is one platform where you will get the choice to follow intelligent people and accounts, which is in a real sense will give you a lot of insights. 

Just to give a few examples if you follow accounts like – Naval or Dr Radhakrishnan Pillai, you will get a lot of information which will undoubtedly be of the level of knowledge.

No dought there is a lot of negativity on twitter also, and you may also complain that it more political, it is right in some way, but it also depends on you how you see it and how you use it. If you follow people or news which brings negativity, it will bring sadness to you but not knowledge. So the suggestion is to follow the right people who spread awareness, it will positively help you to gain experience.


This one is my second source to gain knowledge, the podcast can be very informative, you can follow good account, and it will help you to get the information which you would be able to convert in knowledge. A podcast is episodic and is easy and convenient to manage consumption. You can use podcasts while travelling or in free time listening to some of the greatest.

To give some examples you can follow -The Joe Rogan Experience and The Tim Ferriss Show.

Books –

This one is a more traditional and well-known source. But to get that you have to read full books and lot many books, which is challenging if you don’t have passion for reading books, for getting the knowledge through this source you also need to identify the right books which can offer you the real knowledge. 

I will give you a few examples which you can read – 

  1. Tool of Titans
  2. Autobiography of Yogi

I hope you will enjoy both books. And do let me know in comments how you felt about these books. 

One more book which is my favourite, I want you to read is Rich dad poor dad, it will give you perspective about the rich and poor people, how rich become rich and poor become poor.

So start harnessing this habit of reading books, this one is the excellent habit you can have, and if you already have, you should feel proud of it.

Deep Conversation –

This one is my favourite. If you know someone who has knowledge or expertise about a particular thing, you should spend time with them. And should have a conversation about the subject they are aware of; it will not just only increase your knowledge but also the personal rapport n relation with the person. 

Just to give an example there are people in our family like our parents and grandparents, who have vast experience about life and have seen the world and people for years and have the expertise to offer you, you should engage with them. You should start the conversation, just ask them a question and listen, they will take you to another journey which you will cherish and will be ready to pass it on to your younger generation.

 Many people you talk to, may not have an education degree, but their experience and practical knowledge can be such that our master’s degree will be of less importance. You will be thrilled to gain such understanding. So start having a conversation with people and make it sincere. It will also help you to improve your social behaviour and boost your confidence. So go ahead and do it.

Youtube Channel –

Many of you will be surprised, but it can be a valuable source if you follow the right videos and their channel. It can provide all information/knowledge available in 1000 page books in ten minutes, provided you watch the right one. 

In this particular I want you to focus on English youtube channel which can be worth, those are as follows – 

  1. School of life
  2. Vox
  3. Charisma on Command
  4. Joe Rogan Clips
  5. Vice.

Many people are making Hindi videos through their channel and helping to spread information, so you can also follow them as per your choice and get the information you want. So start watching the right videos and start gaining knowledge.

These are my five most important sources through which you can get the knowledge. But to understand that, one important thing every one of us needs to have, that is passion, we all should be passionate about gaining experience and equally should be kind enough to share it with everyone around us. Only knowledge will flourish, and we all will make society heaven to live.