Capital of Maharashtra empire is a Fort which has a special place in the heart of every Maharashtrian. It is the capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, to whom people from all around the world consider as inspiration. In Maharashtra, there are many forts, and all are must-visit places to understand the history of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Maratha warrior King, his techniques, vision, and bravery. Each fort has its own thrilling story to tell and get learning and inspiration from it. Raigad Fort is one of them which not only fascinating in terms of beauty but also a capital of Maharashtra history, culture, its people, for whom it is a shrine as people consider Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj the God.

To give you the brief history of Raigad fort, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj ceased Rairi fort in 1656 from the king of Jawali and renamed it as Raigad fort. Shivaji Maharaj modified and expanded the fort, and it became the capital of the Maratha empire. He also built Lingana fort near Raigad to keep prisoners. In 1689 Zulfikar Khan attacked Raigad and grabbed it, and Aurangzeb renamed it as Islamgarh. In 1707 Siddi Fateh Khan seized the fort till 1733. In 1733 Maratha caught the fort again and was there with them till 1818. In 1818, the fort was attacked by British, and they ruined most of the part of Raigad.


Raigad Fort is a fort located near Mahad in Maharashtra and is in the range of Sahyadri Mountains. The height of the fort from Sea level is 2700 ft. Raigad Fort is a hill fort built of stone and lead, and fort hill is slightly detached part of Karkai range. The Fort area is cut from the main Sahyadri range. Fort has deep valley carved by river Kal. Lofty hills and steepness surround Raigad, makes its inaccessible, and due to these features, Forts effectiveness is greatly enhanced.  There are around 1737 steps to reach on foot, or you can reach there by Rop way.


  • Air – Nearest airport is Mumbai Airport. Mumbai Airport to Raigad Fort Distance is 166 Km
  • Train – The nearest prominent railway station is Panvel. Panvel to Raigad fort distance is  125 Km.
  • Bus – The nearest place to get down by bus is Mahad. Mahad to Raigad fort distance is 24 Km. There are regular buses from Mumbai/Panvel to Mahad. You can also take a taxi or private vehicle to reach the fort.
  • Pune to Raigad Distance – 137 Km by road via SH 60
  • Mumbai to Raigad distance is 166 Km via Panvel
  • Panvel to Raigad Distance is 125 km


The architecture of the fort was Hiroji Indulkar. The main fort ruins are consist of following features.

  • The Main Palace – The Main palace constructed using wood material; it is destroyed by the British and now only base pillars have remained.
  • Queens Chambers – there are six chambers and private restrooms for Queens in line.
  • Three Watchtower – to keep an eye on the fort. One of them got destroyed by the British.
  • Market Place – It was accessible to Horseback riders.
  • Ganga Sagar Lake –
  • Maha Darwaja – Main door to the fort with 70ft height.  The fort is 600 ft top from the Darwaza.
  • Hirkani Bastion/Buruj – It is a wall created on the huge cliff. This place named after a woman name Hirkani, who had climbed down to cliff in darkness.
  • King’s Darbar –
  • Replica of Original Throne of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj –
  • Nagarkhana Darwaja – This place designed in such a way that, if you whisper also, the person near the throne can here.
  • Takmak Tok – Execution Point
  • Jagdishwar Mandir –
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Samadhi –
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s Dog Samadhi –
  • Jijamata (Mother of Shivaji Maharaj) Samadhi – Samadhi is located at the base of the fort in the village Pachad.
  • Khubladha Buruj –
  • Nane Darwaja –
  • Hatti Talao – Elephant lake


  • Sinhagad Fort
  • Raigad Fort
  • Shivneri Fort
  • Vijaydurg Fort
  • Sindhudurg Fort
  • Rajgad Fort
  • Pratapgad Fort
  • Torna Fort
  • Malhargad Fort
  • Purandar Fort
  • Korigad Fort
  • Lohagad Fort
  • Ghangad Fort
  • Tikona Fort
  • Panhala Fort
  • Vijaydurg Fort
  • Sindhudurg Fort
  • Daulatabad Fort
  • Murud-Janjira Fort
  • Suvarnadurg Fort
  • Prabalgad Fort
  • Bassein Fort
  • Janjira Fort
  • Yashwantgad Fort
  • Shaniwarwada Fort
  • Kandhar Fort
  • Rajmachi Fort
  • Vasota Fort
  • Tung Fort
  • Harishchandragad Fort
  • Visapur Fort
  • Vasai Fort
  • Akola/Asadgad Fort
  • Mandangad Fort


Maharashtra has a rich history of forts and monuments, and one of them is Raigad. I hope you liked the information mentioned in the article. If you liked it, do share the link with your friends and relatives. And dont forget to visit the Capital of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, which is Raigad fort, which will not only give you the glimpse of history but it will be an adventurous, beautiful sightseeing experience. Raigad is a lovely place to visit during Monsoon and winter; You can experience the cool breezing like Chikhaldara or Matheran.

RAIGAD FORT – CAPITAL OF MARATHA EMPIRE is an archaeological and historical site, so do maintain the importance and dignity of this monument. Do visit with your family and friends and enjoy the place.