Today is the day when people celebrate Marsha P. johnson. And as a special tributes PRIDE MONTH: MARSHA P. JOHNSON – LGBTQ+ RIGHTS ACTIVIST – GOOGLE DOODLE CELEBRATES. On 30th June 2019, Marsha was posthumously honored as a grand marshal of the New York City Pride March.

Who is Marsha P. Johnson – LGBTQ+ RIGHTS ACTIVIST

Marsha P. Johnson was an activist, known as outspoken advocates of gay rights and movement. And a founding member of the Gay Liberation Front. Born on 24th August 1945 and died on 6th July 1992. Marsha also worked as an Aids activist.

Marsha P. Johnson – Activism

Marsha P. Johnson was the first drag queen ( someone who performs femininity) to enter Stonewall inn ( gay bar in the outskirts of New York and site of Stonewall riot 1969). Stonewall bar used to be only for gay men. On June 28, 1969, Stonewall uprising occurred, and a series of spontaneous demonstrations of gay activists started happening, and police blamed Marsha for it, however, Marsha denied it.

Following Stonewall uprising, Marsha P. Johnson joined the Gay Liberation Front and participated in the liberation pride rally. In 1980, Marsha continued working actively in street activism as a respected organizer.


Last days of Marsha P. Johnson –

In 1992, after Pride Parade, Marsha’s body found in the Hudson River. Police felt that it was a suicide as they felt, she was suffering from mental problems, but many of her friends felt her death suspicious.

PRIDE MONTH : Google honours LGBTQ+ rights activist Marsha P. Johnson with its Doodle


The founder & Executive Director of the Marsha P. Johnson Institute –

“For so long, Marsha’s history has only been heralded by the LGBTQ community. Today’s Doodle will help teach her story to many more around the world, and about the work that has been historically ignored and often purposely left out of history books. Today’s Doodle of Marsha reminds people that Black and LGBTQ+ history is bigger than just a month; it is something to be honored every single day.”

Rob Gilliam – The doodle artist –

“As a queer person of color, I owe so much. She was the catalyst for our liberation, the driving force behind the movement that has given many of us the rights and freedoms that we previously couldn’t even dream of. Marsha created a space for us in western society through the empowering bravery and refusal to be silenced.”

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