We live in a world of social media. Everyone wants to have the best and popular social media in one’s smartphone. There are so many apps available, but many of us are aware of very few. So to give you the information on MOST POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA APP TO DOWNLOAD, I have brought you the list of social media app available in the world.



Type of site- instant messaging,VoIP

Founded – Brian Action,jan koum

Headquarter – Mountain View, California


What’s App used for messaging, that lets users share messages, chat, voice call, Video call, an audio file, documents and videos on the platform.


Type of site- Subsidiary

Launched-David Karp

Headquarter- New York City, United State


Tumblr is used for users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog.bloggers can make their blogs private and users can follow the other blogs. for bloggers, many of the website’s features are accessed from a “dashboard” interface.


Type of site- Social media platform

Founder- Kevin Systrom, Mike Krieger

Launched – October 2010

Instagram is a unique social media platform based on sharing photos and videos. Instagram allows you to click the pictures and apply multiple filters to your can share post to other social media such as Facebook, Twitter and email. Four hundred million people are using Instagram monthly.


Type of site –Social Networking Service

Founder – Ben Silbermann, Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp

Launched – December 2009

Headquarter – San Francisco


Pinterest is a scrapbooking social media site and highly visual. Here, the user can create boards and pins where you can add images. You can create shoppable pins through which users can directly make purchases. As per 2019 data, Pinterest users have created more than 200 billion pins and 4 billion boards.

Tencent qq

Type of site – Instant messaging

Launched – February 1999


Tencent qq app is use for instant messaging, videos, voice call on the social media platform. Tencent qq app is using in more than 80 countries. It even has a built-in translator to translate your chat.

We Chat

Type of syte –Instant messaging Clint


It’s a  Chinese app developed for sharing messages, share photos, videos. We Chat developed by Tencent company. It has 697 million users.


Type of site- social networking site

Founder- Tencent


Launched- 1995

Qzone allows you to create and write blogs, keep diaries, listen to songs, send photos and watching videos. It also helps you to choose the accessories and customize the look and feel of your QZone webpage.


Type of site – sharing video

Founder- ByteDance

Launched- September 2016


Tiktok is a china based platform which used for the short dance, lip-sync comedy and talent video. In China, Tiktok was called Douin. Initially, they launched it in China only. In September 2016, Tiktok was launched for iOS in the market outside of China.

Sine Weibo

Type of site – Microblogging

Owner – Pan Weibo

Launched – 14 August 2009


It’s a china based social media platform. It is known for its hybrid mix of Twitter’s and Facebook’s feature. It has 222 million monthly users.


Type of site – Privately held Company

Founder-Su Hua

Founded- March 2011

Headquarter – Beijing ,china


It’s a Chinese video sharing platform. It has 400 million monthly user.


Type of site- Video conferencing, VoIP, Instant messaging

Developer – skype Technology

Auther – priit kasesalu


Skype is a telecommunication application developed for calling and video conferencing, can use skype on a tablet, laptop, mobile. Three hundred million people use Skype every month. Skype is free for use.


Type of site – Instant Massaging clint, VoIP


Viber is a multi-lingual social media platform. It is available in more than 30 languages, and it is famous for text messaging and voice messaging. You can share photo, video and audio messages on Viber.


Type of site- instant messaging


The line is a robust Japanese social network to attract users. This app is useful for instant messaging .users can exchange text, images, video and can use this app on a smartphone, tablet computer, personal computer.


Type of – social network, videos

Founder – Zach Klein and jake Lodewike

Headquarter – New York city

Launched – November 2004

CEO – Anjali Sud

Vimeo is a video-based platform such as youtube and has 190 million users. We can create and download the videos over here, and It’s a paid platform. Vimeo doesn’t promote advertisements and earn money from users.


Type of – Social network

Founder – paul budnitz, Todd Berger


Launched –  March 2014

Ello is a  social media platform for artists. Ello doesn’t promote advertisement, and its a free to use for users.


Type of – Image hosting Service

Founder – Alan Schaaf

Launched – February 23 2009


Language available – English

Imgur is an American online image-sharing community platform. Imgur allows users to create image galleries .you can do edit, delete embedding, album creation. They give you the facility to comment on viral videos .there is an upload image limit of 50 images per IP address per hour.


Type of – Blog

Founder – john hiler, Marc Ginsburg, Dan Huddle Launched – in 2013

 URL –

Launched – 4 April 1999

Xanga, a social media platform, is used for blogs, social networking profiles, and Photoblog. You can create your profile and share a blog post with others and can join the blogger or create a blog on the Xanga.


Type of site – Mobile Game ,Mobile Social Network

Founder – cary Torkelson, Stephen Dacek, Arther Goikhman


Language – English, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese, German.

Cellufun is a gaming website where you can create Avatars, play games, Purchase good stuff. This website is free for users. You can pay for additional features by using Fun Coines, their virtual currency.


Type of site – social networking service, e-commerce

Founder – jessica Forbes , casey Forbes


Launched – May 2007

Headquarter – Bostan

Revelry is a platform where the knitters, crocheters, designers, dyers can keep track of their yarn, tools, and platform information. Users can share their collections, Ideas, projects.


Type of site – social Networking service

Founder – Kenji Kasahara


Launched – February 2002

Headquatar – Shibua ,Tokiyo

Mixi is use for community entertainment. Here, you can meet new people. You can send messages, read and write the diary, and can comment on others’ diaries. Mixi began ‘Celebrity account with 1000 friend limitations, and there is no limitation for followers.

My Space

Type of site – Social media

Founder –Tom Anderson,Chris DeWolfe, John hart

CEO – Tim Vanderhook

URL  –

Headquarter – Beverly hills, California, united state

Launched – 1 August 2003

MySpace is very popular in America, and it’s an older social media platform.MySpace primarily focus on Music and also promote blogs, groups, personal profiles, pictures, videos, and so on. Myspace has monthly traffic of over 7.5 million. It is quite famous for blogs.


Type of site – online dating service

Founder – Badoo Trading Limited


Headquarter – London ,United Kingdom

Launched – 2006

It’s a social media cum dating platform where you can create your profile and find similar interest in other people. Badoo website is available in over 200 countries. You can use it to find people in your location and make friends.


Type of site – VOIP communication,Instant messaging


delivery ,social media platform


Discord has 250 million users and its growing day by day. It’s designed for gamers to voice and text can use this site on phone and desktop. It s a secure site and free for users.


Type of site – Movie and  book database, online/music, social network service

Founder – Bo yang

Launched – 6 March 2005

Douban is a Chinese social networking site that has something for registered as well as unregistered users. You can be logged to record information and create profiles based on music, films, books, and events in the cities of China.

four square swarm

 Type of site – Social networking networking

 Developer – ForeSquare labs

 URL –         

Foursquare app allow to user to locate their location and create a record of their experience in their personal lifelog. It also gives you relevant search results for the food outlet and more in your area. They have a unique app named with the swarm.


Type of site – Instant messaging

CEO – pavel Durov,Nikolai Durov,Axel niff


Founded – march 2013

Headquarter – London ,united kingdom

Telegram is an instant massaging site where you can send messages, videos, audio, stickers, and files. You can make a group of as many as 200,000  members. We can compare this site with whats up .this site is available in 8 languages. It is available in Windows, Android, and iOS. It has over 400 million users.

The dots

Founder – Pip jamieson

Launched – 24 september 2014


Its is a great platform to show your work and get discovered .you can download their iOS can find jobs and client and upskill yourself to grow your profession.


Type of site – Public,Social Media

Founder – Mark Zuckerber, Andrew McCollum,Eduardo Saverin,Chris Hughed

URL – www.facebookcom ,

Headquarter- Menlo Park, California

 Launched – 4, february 2004

Facebook is the world’s biggest social media platform, where you can send and receive the message, photos, and share the posts, links. Facebook can be used to promote the brands to market products to a vast audience. You can follow famous people and react to their platform. It has 2.6 billion monthly active users as of 2020.

I hope you liked the information on MOST POPULAR SOCIAL MEDIA APP TO DOWNLOAD, do suggest if we missed any important social media platform.