MATHERAN – HILL STATION MUMBAI is all about the beautiful natural scenery. Though it is one of the smallest hill stations in India, people are in love with this place due to its accessibility from the urban centre like Mumbai and Pune. It’s a beautiful destination that provides breathtaking picturesque sights. Matheran always in massive demand during weekends and holidays. Matheran is an automobile vehicle-free zone. Matheran is declared an eco-sensitive area by the Government of India. This hill station is one of the few hill stations in the state of Maharashtra, along with Chikhaldara and Mahabaleshwar. Matheran is also a birthplace of notable actor/writer Girish Karnad. Due to its location, Matheran climate remains beautiful throughout the year.

Matheran was discovered and developed by British, Matheran Hill Railway was built in 1907 and cover the 20 km distance. Matheran is at 800mtr from sea level; it has a more refreshing and less humid climate, due to which it is in demand high demand during Summer season. Matheran is also famous for trekking along with sightseeing, and it has various trekking sites.


  • Air – Nearest airport is Mumbai, which is 100km from Matheran.
  • Railway – Matheran offers daily trains to Neral. Neral is a local railway station on CST(Mumbai) – Karjat suburban line.
  • Buses – There are regular buses from Karjat station and neral station, which runs upto Aman lodge (last stop for the vehicle) near Matheran. From here, you can take a walk or hire Horse to reach Matheran – hill station Mumbai. People also visit from Pune to Matheran by road / Pune to Matheran by car.


Matheran has few trekking points, which enthusiasts use for trekking. These trekking routes are as follows –

  • Sunset Point -This route is from Dodhani village to Sunset Point. Dodhani is a village near Panvel. Sunset Point route is the popular route trek among trekkers enthusiasts.
  • Garbett Point Route – This one starts from Sagachiwadi, a tribal village near Dhom dam. You can reach this village from Bhivpuri Road Railway Station.
  • Rambaug Point Route – Rambaug point is a point near One tree hill point. This route goes from Pokhranwadi(Chowk – Panvel – Khopoli highway) to Rambaug point. This route has a waterfall which are active during the rainy season.
  • One Tree Hill – The route starts from Ambewadi village to Rambaug point. There is a view of Morbe Dam’s backwater while going through Rambaug.
  • Vikatgad route– This route is the most difficult one. It starts from Mamdapur Village and takes around 3 hours to reach Matheran via Vikatgad fort.


There are around 40 Matheran tourist places, two parks, two lakes, a few Temples and a racecourse to visit in Matheran. If you hire a horse, you can cover all the crucial points in a day, or if you cover it on walking, it may take two days. Below is the list of Siteseeing locations available to visit in Matheran –

Garbett Point Route
• Vikatgad Route
• Sunset Point
• Charlotte Lake
• Paymaster Park
• Louisa Point
• Malang Point
• Honeymoon Point
• Echo Point
• King George Point
• Paymaster Park
• Lord point
• Sunrise Point
• Sunset Point
• Panorama Point
• Heart Point
• Monkey Point Malang point
• Louisa Point
• Echo Point
• Charlotte Lake
• Lords Point
• One Tree Hill
• Olympia
• Mount Barry
• Artist Point
• Khandala Point
• Alexandar Point
• Rambaug Point
• Little Chowk Point
• Garbut Point
• Porcupine Point
• Dhodani Waterfall
• Echo Point
• Garbett Point/Garbut Point

Here, I am giving you the description of few important points.

Sunrise Point:-

If you are interested in an early morning scenic nature with chirping birds flying around you? Sound of fresh air striking against trees, the rustling of leaves in the trees is the perfect combination for relaxing the mind, and if you are in love with nature, then Sunrise point, you must visit. Make sure you plan the visit here, keeping time in mind because you will get a lot of crowds here.

Panorama Point:-

Panorama’s point offers beautiful sights on sunset and sunrise valley and lake. If you like taking pictures, this is the place where you can get different beautiful angles in one place. It is a great picnic spot. This place is less crowded than other points. It will take around an hour from the city center.

Louisa Point:-

IF you are wondering where to visit after Sunrise and Panorama Points, then you must visit Louisa Point. The view of the waterfall, Charlotte Lake, looks beautiful, especially during the monsoon. Louisa Point is one of the essential points to visit in Matheran. You can see the view of historical forts like Vishalgad and Prabalgad.

Charlotte Lake:-

If you love bird watching, then you must visit this point and also the Mahadev Temple. In Matheran, there are some vantage points with views of the lovely green valley. Charlotte lake is a spellbinding spot of its own. It is located near to the principal market place.

Irshalgadh fort:-

This fort is between the Matheran and Panvel, Irshalgadh fort is a sister fort to Prabalgad and Ideal Trekking destination. If you are planning to go to Matheran, then July is the best time. You can explore the fort and enjoy nature while trekking this site. The entry fees for this site is Rs 200.

Little Chowk:-

Mountain view with different angles makes it beautiful. You can see the vast Ganesh Statue with beautiful scenery. The look of the Sahyadri range is magnificent. As well as the Panvel town view and Karnala fort view makes it more appealing. Besides, you can see the tremendous Vishalgad and Pratapgad Fort with its verdant surrounding from this viewpoint.

Honeymoon Hill:-

Britisher used this site as a honeymoon site. According to the source, the British officers used to visit for honeymoon. Then Parsis started using it to celebrate at this point.


This one is the horse racecourse. Which is the sightseeing destination for visitor.

One Three Hill Point:-

One three hill point is a crucial sightseeing site in Matheran, which is around 3 km from the Market centre. There is less or no vegetation or trees around this place. You can see the Mumbai Pune highway, Panvel city and few different points from here. There is also a trekking route, but it is difficult and should avoid without in Monsoons.


Vikatgad is famous for trekking, and it is an adventurous experience. Vikatgad is a small mountain connected to Matheran. Vikatgad route starts on Neral Matheran toy train tracks.

These are the few vital sightseeing points, which you can visit and enjoy. It is a town with 5000 around the population and market available in the area. You can get all the essential things you want. I hope you liked the details about Matheran and you got the information you are looking for.

Do visit this beautiful place and enjoy the nature!