How to make money online

Friends, Today, we will discuss how to make money online. Nowadays, everybody wants to earn money to run their family and life; to do this, people are running behind jobs or businesses and which is not wrong. However, it demands a lot of hard work and time, and still, you don’t get satisfaction, and few people have identified the opportunity and by doing smart work, are earning handsomely.

So I am going to tell you about one industry which can change your destiny. As you know there are many industries that are growing in our country but one industry that is growing like anything is an online industry or internet-based platform.

It has its advantages as well as disadvantages, but if you understand it, you will see there is a huge opportunity to earn money as well as you can make your impact on society. Today we will discuss the ways and means to earn money through the online platform. Hopefully, you will find it beneficial, and you can start working on it to learn and implement the ideas I am sharing today. So let’s understand

How to make money online.

Most of you are aware of these online money-making platforms but many of you may not be aware that it can help you to earn substantial money. These platforms are as follows –

Blogging –

Blogging means you have to create a website. And start putting blogs on it and link your website with Google ad sense. Which will put advertisements on your web page, and you will entitle to earn money. If you want to start blogging, make sure you learn about all technics of blogging. For, e.g., the domain name, hosting, content writing, SEO, Affiliate marketing, etc.

Youtube –

Youtube vlogging means making videos. And start uploading it on youtube. Link it to google ad sense, same as webpage ad. And the account entitles to earn money.

Just to give an example – suppose you like to travel, and if you visit someplace like Lonavala, so you can provide information about the place in a video. You would upload it on youtube.

Tiktok /Facebook/Instagram –

These are also a few platforms that help you to earn money as you earn on youtube. The more followers you get, the more you will be able to make.

Freelancer –

If you are a competent programmer/designer, so you can become a freelancer by providing your service online. Nowadays, people/organizations don’t want full-time employees, and to get work done, they hire a freelancer; as a result of this, the freelancer gets paid handsomely.

Stock Market Trading –

If you have good knowledge of stock/businesses, you can do online trading.

Consultant –

If you have good knowledge about a particular field, you can provide your service to people/organizations.

Affiliate marketing –

If you have a website, you can link your website with an e-commerce platform. If people visit an e-commerce platform through your site and buys the products, you will get the commission. Before you start affiliate marketing you should read all rules in detail about the subjects and its technicality.

 All the required information to open accounts on is available on youtube, google. You can get detailed info and can start immediately. If you want any help, do comment! We will be happy to help you.

Friends, its an attempt to make you aware of the platforms available today to earn money and gain knowledge. So these are the smart and innovative ways people are using to cash in on the opportunity and grow, which even you can make yourself grow.

All the best

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