How to make money from Google?

Hi friends, Today I am going to tell you about the simple and cheapest way to make money, that too sitting at home, with minimum investment, and for this, it is not necessary to have a college degree also. So I hope you are excited to learn about “how to make money from Google”? so let’s begin.

Let me first tell you what is google?

So, friends, Google is a multinational technology company, that specializes in internet-related products and services, a search engine is a most famous internet product/service through which you can get all the information available on the internet. For example you go to google and in the google search box you write “Earth” you get the website links that have information about the “earth”. so this how google works for you to get the required information. 

where is the money on google?

So to give this answer, let me give you an example when you search on google something, it shows the websites, and to get the information or to read or to watch the video or to watch images you visit that particular website, now when you go on the website page, many time you see the advertisement running on it, and most of you neglect it or think why there is this advertisement? and that is the answer. It has put by google on the request of the website owner. Now you will say why, it is because, whenever you visit the website page and you see an advertisement, the website owner gets the share of the revenue from google. And that’s the way the website owner generate their income through this source. Now you understood, there is an option to make money on google. 

How many sources are there to make money through Google?

There are two options available to earn money through google. those are the following.

a. Blogging (website)

b. Youtube

We will start with the website first 

What is website or Blogging ? and how you can start it?

So I am sure everyone has seen the website, but the interesting part is, anyone can make the website with minimum investment ( eg – Rs 4000 to 5000) you just have to purchase the domain name and Hosting and right away you can start the website. A website is just a platform through which you can give whatever information you want, by writing an article and publish on it. 

How do you start making money through the website?

So once you start your website and start writing an article, publish on it, you have to make sure people start visiting your website, once you are confident that People have started visiting regularly and the numbers are increasing, you can apply for “Google AdSense” which is a service available from google. once it is approved (There are Rules and conditions, which you need to fulfill). You can start getting the advertisement on your webpage. 

Now the only work you have to do is to work to get your website recognition which you can get by writing quality content and making your blog most visited. 

So for every advertisement shown in the blog and the people visit the blog google will pay you for this. And the most important and interesting part is, you get paid in U.S. dollars ($). So imagine you earn $100 a month, that becomes 7500 Rs after conversion.

So why to wait, go ahead and start earning through this medium.

The second option available is Youtube.

Why youtube is the best option to make money and how?

The basic difference between the two is, for blogging, you need to write the content and on youtube you have to make a video of it. 

How you can make money through Youtube?

Firstly you have to open a youtube channel on youtube, once you open that, you have to keep uploading videos on it, once the channel starts getting subscription and views, you can apply for Google AdSense. Here also you have to apply for Google Adsense because both the platform, blogging (google search), and youtube are property of Google and they run Google Adsense program.

So to get the approval of Google AdSense for your youtube channel, there are criteria, which you can check on google to understand it clearly. Just to give you an idea, they need 1000 subscription plus the 4000 valid public watch hours in the last twelve months.

So once you complete these criteria, the advertisements will run in between of your video, the number of viewers will watch your video and ad on it, you will be able to earn money through it, as google will provide you advertisement revenue share to you.

So these are the option available through which you can earn the money.

Social Media Influencer

Now once your blog or your youtube channel becomes famous or well-known, you become a brand, and people start recognizing you and you become a social media influencer, which brings you many sources to earn money. I will give you the information about a few.

  1. Brand endorsement –

Once you are well known on youtube or your website becomes frequently visited site, different Brands will approach you to promote their products directly through you, without involving google, you can strike the deal and start earning. 

2. Affiliate marketing – 

If you promote particular products by reviewing it or by using it through your video and if you give its link in the description, people can click the link and go on the product website, if they buy that product, you will get the commission, imagine the number of people visit your youtube channel and buy the product, you can just imagine, how much you can earn. 

This procedure is the same for blogging, if you do affiliate marketing through your website. People will redirect to the product website through the link provided on your webpage and you will get the commission. So this income is completely additional from Google Adsense.

3. Merchandise – 

You can merchandise your products like Mugs, Tshirts, keychain, but that can happen once you become an influencer on these platforms.

4. Skills – 

If you are good at particular skills, you can create your products and sell them through your channel or website and can earn through this.

So these are a few options which you can utilize to earn additional money. Now we have identified the option, let’s understand, how much you can earn from google?

So, friends, there is no limit, it is up to you, how you grow your channel or website with the help of digital marketing and make it more and more famous, and then for you, the sky is limit.

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