If you are interested in the Scenery? Wildlife, ancient story, natural beauty, boating, park for kids,? And are thinking about such a place to visit which will give you all these combos at one place then must visit “Chikhaldara- Places to visit” is located in the Amravati district of Vidarbha region, Maharashtra, India.

There are several points In Chikhaldara, which you can visit. Along with scenic spots, there are Forts and Lakes.

The Points are as follows: CHIKHALDARA – PLACES TO VISIT

  • Narnala Fort
  • Gawligarh Fort
  • Gugumal National Park
  • Government Gardens
  • Sunrise Points/malviya
  • Shakkar Lake
  • Devi Point
  • Monkey Point
  • Prospectus Point/Thakur Point
  • Mozaro point
  • Harken Point
  • Mahadev Temple
  • Kalpani Lake
  • Shivsagar Point
  • Bir Lake
  • Panchbol Point
  • Sunset Point
  • Vairat Goddess
  • Bhimkund – Kichakdara
  • Muktagiri
  • Bakadra – Kalalkund
  • Dharkhura
  • Museums

Chikhaldara Location:

  • Location:- Maharashtra
  • Altitude:- 1,1088 m
  • Longitude:- 77.3268°
  • Latitude:-21.4030° N
  • Nearest Airport:- Nagpur
  • Nearest Station:- Amravati

How can you reach to Chikhaldara?

  • flight:- Nagpur airport is the closest to Chikhaldara.
  • By road:- you can go by car, Private buses, government ST buses,
  • By train:- Amravati is the nearest railway station for Chikhaldara.
  • Distance from Chikhaldara to major cities:-
  • Mumbai to Chkhaldara distance is around 672 kms
  • Nagpur to Chikhaldara distance is 229 kms
  • Pune to Chikhaldara distance is 591 kms
  • Amravati to Chikhaldara distance is 85.1 kms.

Best time to Visit Chikhaldara:

  • From Oct to Feb: Winter season is a good option, you can enjoy the beautiful nature with Cold weather. In this period (Dec – Jan), Temperature goes down below 10 degrees C. do plan accordingly.
  • March to June: These days the weather will be warm. Compare to another area in the region, Chikhaldara weather will be cold.
  • July to Sept: It’s monsoon time. So there will be lush greenery, waterfall, make sure you make all arrangements,s and follow the safety protocol, as the area can be a bit difficult to travel.

Chikhaldara History:

Chikhaladara has some thrilling history. It is is the place where Bheema killed the villainous Keechaka and threw him in the valley. It came to know as Eechakdara, Chikhaldara Is its revised/evolved/corrupted word. Its description is mentioned in the ‘Mahabharat.’


Chikhaldara is the only coffee-growing area in Maharashtra. The place Melghat tiger project is also located in the area and has 82 tigers and house to many other animals like bear, wild dog, panther, sloth bears, sambar. Apart from this, there are many points which you can visit. The upper plateau area of Chikhaldara is a dense forest area.

Government garden:

The Government garden is open for visitors from morning 8.00 am to 7.00 pm. The Government Garden constructed by Britishers, so its old name was the company garden. Before decades, Gavali people were living near to this garden area. Then they migrated on the west side. This site is called “Pandhari Village.” The garden swimming tank facility is also available, which is provided by “Hanuman Vyayam Prakashak Mandal.”They also offer mini-train for visitors. Its a unique attraction of this garden.

Malviya or Sunrise point:

To go to this point, we have to go by road through ‘Lawhada’ village which is forward towards Malviya point. We have to use steps to go down to see the end. The facing of this point is towards the east, thats the reason sunrise looks very beautiful from here. We can see some part of the Bhimkund valley too.


People love to visit this Shakkar lake. It is on the way to Gavilgarh Fort. People can enjoy boating; In the lake Pidal boat, scooter boat is available to do sailing. Shakkar lake water belongs to water supply dept of  Maharashtra Jeevan Pradhikaran. The overflow of Water falling from Shakkar lake is just look like heaven, and its water flow is very speedy.

Monkey point:

Monkey point is situated at the College of Maharashtra forest Area. The base of this valley can not be seen through our naked eye.

Devi Point:

At Devi point, there is a temple of Goddess inside the massive stone. To go to the Temple, we have to go down by using steps. This point is near to the Shakkar lake Devi point is near about 1.5 km from Chikhaldara Bus station. The Goddess is the central and vital holy place for ‘Korku’.


Bhimkund has mythological importance. Bhim killed the Keechaka and threw him in the valley which is known as Keechakdara, and Then he took a bath in the lake which renamed as Bhimkund. Bhimkund is 3500 feet deep. During the rainy season, it looks beautiful because of the waterfall.

Panchbol Point:

It’s a beautiful place to visit. Panchbol means five-time echo we can hear. It is always a crowded place, but if you visit before 7.00 am, then you can enjoy echo sound. The view from this point is fabulous; it is a calm and peaceful place, and Nature makes it more beautiful.

Sunset Point: Chikhaldara – Places to visit

This Sunset point is at the Vairat hills at Vairat village. It is also known as a King’s Vairat capital in Mahabharat era. The sunset looks beautiful from here.

Bir lake:

This lake was built during the British Raj in 1890 and was used by British soldiers. It is built in basalt rock.


There are two museums in Chikhaldara area. One is at Maharashtra forest Rainger’s college, Where you can see different samples of wild animals and plants. One of the rare ‘fossils’ is also available there. And another museum is The Tiger project; it is near to the ‘Yoga training centre’. Here too, they have put animal samples and plants, which you find in the area. Apart from this, the information for the living standard and customs of main local tribes ‘ Korku’ is displayed.

Narnala Fort:

Narnala or Shahanur fort is a famous fort in Chikhaldara; It is in Melghat area. If you want to go directly, You can go to Narnala from Akola via Akot by road. This fort was built scientifically considering natural interface like rain winded. This fort has an altitude of 3000 feet. In the 15th century, it was occupied and rebuilt by the “Mughals”. It consists of three small forts: Zafrabad fort in the east, Narnala fort in the centre, Teliagarh fort in the west


Gavaligarh is one of the significant forts in Chikhaldara. It is said to be established by Gawali king who was descendent of Yadava’s Devgiri. This fort is in the mud. Gawaligarh fort remained in the position of Maratha till 1822. Then it was taken over by the British, and they destroyed it.

Gugumal national park (Wildlife century) :

It is one of the most well known national parks in the area. It is home to a wide verity of rare animals and birds, including Tiger. Gugumal national park was incorporated in 1974 and located in Chikhaladara and Dharni tehsil of Amravati in the Satpura hills.

So these are few Points available to visit in Chikhaldara.

Chikhaldara Tour Packages –

Chikhaldara tour packages are available from Nagpur and Amravati. you can check following

  • Nagpur to Chikhaldara Bus service
  • Nagpur to Chikhaldara tour packages
  • Nagpur to Chikhaldara Bus
  • Amravati to Chikhaldara Bus
  • Nagpur to Chikhaldara

Hotels in Chikhaldara Hillstation :

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I hope you liked the information on “CHIKHALDARA – PLACES TO VISIT.” for many more places and other information, keep visiting Have a great visit! Enjoy!

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