Hi friends, Most of us are foody and love to eat, and some of the dishes we crave most of the time are Cake and  Pizza, and surprisingly we want to eat late-night, imagine if we had a chance to make Hot cake or Pizza at home whenever we want. For a few people, it’s possible as they may have a Microwave oven. But many of us don’t have, and if you are planning to buy it? So here are the best microwave oven in India available at present.

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Before starting the list of best Microwave Oven in India, Most of us have many questions about Microwave oven so that I will answer this first, and then we will move to the Best microwave oven list. So through this post, I will try to address most of your concerns.

So let’s begin,

  • 1. What is Microwave oven?
    • – Commonly referred to as Microwave is an electric oven that heat and cook food.
  • 2. What is the use of Microwave oven?
    • – It is generally used for heating and cooking food; most commonly people use it for making cake and Pizza.
  • 3. Difference Between Oven and Microwave?
    • – Microwave and oven is the same thing.
  • 4. Types of Microwave oven?
    • There are three types of Microwave oven.
    • a. Solo – it is a fundamental and entry-level microwave. It is is used for Reheat and simple cooking.
    • b. Grill – Grill microwave are next level compared to Solo, and it Grills used for Reheat, baking and grilling. The primary purpose is the grill.
    • c. Convection – Convection microwave is a superior product in the Microwave oven category. It does most of the thing like baking, grilling, cooking and reheating. The difference between Convection and the other two types of microwave is of watt, features and price. It comes with a lot of features, and it bit expensive compare to the other two. But convection microwave is best if you compare all 3.
  • 5. How to use the oven?
    • – A microwave oven is a shared kitchen appliance which generally use for reheating, so it is easy to use. You can get manuals with it. You can use it without anybody help.
  • 6. How the microwave works?
    • – A microwave oven is an electric oven that heats and cooks food by exposing it to electromagnetic rays in the microwave frequency range, and This induces polar molecules in the food to rotate and produce thermal energy in a process known as dielectric heating.
  • 7. How to clean Microwave oven?
    • – How to clean is mentioned in the manual about cleaning the microwave; still, you can use wet paper or towel to clean it from inside. Or can keep bowl will lemon slices in the microwave for 5 -10 minutes on high temperature, then let it cool and you can sponge it inside out.
  • 8. How to bake a cake in a Microwave convection oven?
    • – You can bake a cake in Microwave, just check the recipe on youtube and, in microwave manual It is mentioned in manual, what temperature to be used for how many time?
  • 9. How to use a convection Microwave oven?
    • – The using method of convection microwave is the same as a basic oven; one thing that makes it different from others is its features, which can make your cooking extremely easy.
  • 10. How to preheat Microwave oven?
    • Preheating a furnace is very straight simple. Turn on the oven, flip the switch, or press button depending on your model. Set the temperature to the suggested number, And wait a few minutes for it to heat up.
  • 11. How to make Pizza in Microwave oven?
    • You need to check your Microwave manual to know more about how to activate the convection mode. After preparing your unbaked Pizza put it on 392° F (200° C) bake it for 20 minutes. Switch Off the Microwave/Oven after 20 minutes, and take out the Pizza.
  • 12. How to make Bati/garlic bread/grilled sandwich/Maggi/dhokla/biscuits in a microwave oven?
    • – All the above product preparation and making methods come in manuals nowadays with convection microwave. Do check that the recipes, it is available on youtube videos.

Now I hope you have got the excellent idea about Microwave oven and its use so that we will move to Best microwave in India list and its prices.

  1. 1. IFB 30 ltr convection Microwave oven. (30SC4, Metallic Silver) Price 11999 Rs.
  • – Touch Key Pad is touch-sensitive and easy to use and clean.
  • – Child Lock: Ensures complete safety especially for homes with small children
  • – It comes with auto cook menus that help you to cook different dishes quickly.
  • – 1-year warranty on product and three years on Magnetron from IFB.
  • – 30 L: Great for Large families
Dimensions Power Features Performance Features Convenience Features
Width53.9 cmPower Output900 WPreheatYesDeodorizerYes
Height30 cmPower Requirement50 Hz, AC 230 VTimerYesChild LockYes
Depth43.8 cmPower Consumption – Grill1250 WDefrostYesOverheat ProtectionYes
Turntable Diameter31.5 cmPower Consumption – Convection2200 WPower Levels10
Cavity Width35.4 cmPower Consumption – Microwave1400 WReheatYesCooking Features
Cavity Height24 cm Temperature Range110 – 200 degree CAuto Cook Menu101
Cavity Depth35.8 cmBody And Design FeaturesTemperature Range Levels10Auto Cook Menu AvailableYes
Weight19 kgCavity MaterialStainless SteelOther Performance FeaturesSpeed DefrostOther Cooking FeaturesQuick Start: Express Cooking, Multi Stage Cooking
  • 2. IFB 25 ltr convection Microwave oven. (25SC4, Metallic Silver) Price 10999 Rs.
    • Touch keypad
    • Deodorizer, Autocook menu, child lock
    • 1-year warranty on product and three years on Magnetron from IFB.
Dimensions Power Features Performance Features Convenience Features
Width48.3 cmPower Output900 WPreheatYesAlarmYes
Height28.1 cmPower RequirementAC 230 V, 50 HzTimerYesMemory FunctionNo
Depth41.4 cmPower Consumption – Grill1000 WDefrostYesDeodorizerYes
Turntable Diameter27 cmPower Consumption – Convection2200 WPower Levels10Child LockYes
Cavity Width34 cmPower Consumption – Microwave1400 WSteam CookNoOverheat ProtectionYes
Cavity Height22 cm ReheatYesGrease FilterNo
Cavity Depth34.4 cmBody And Design Features Temperature Range110 – 200 degree CIn Door ControlsNo
Weight16.13 kgCavity MaterialStainless SteelTemperature Range Levels10Racks & Trays AvailableNo
Other DimensionsNoDoor TypeHandleOther Performance FeaturesWeight Defrost
Door Opening MechanismSide Opening
Turntable MaterialGlass
Interior LightYes
  • 3. Samsung 28 ltr slim fresh Convection Microwave oven. Price 10699 Rs
    • Touch keypad
    • Antibacterial activity, scratch resistance
    • Deodoriser, Autocook menu, child lock
    • 1-year warranty on product and four years on Magnetron.
Dimensions Power Features Performance Features Convenience Features
Width51.7 cmPower Output900 WPreheatYesAlarmYes
Height31 cmPower Requirement50 Hz, AC 230 VTimerYesDeodorizerYes
Depth47.5 cmPower Consumption – Grill1500 WDefrostYesChild LockYes
Turntable Diameter316 mmPower Consumption – Convection2100 WPower Levels6
Cavity Width358 cmPower Consumption – Microwave1400 WSteam CookNo
Cavity Height235.5 cmOther Power FeaturesMaximum Power: 2900 WControl Features30 sec Plus
Cavity Depth327 cmBody And Design Features Other Performance FeaturesAuto Programs, Auto Cook, Child lock
Weight17.5 kgCavity MaterialCeramic Enamel
Cavity FeaturesAnti Bacterial Activity, Scratch Resistant
Door Opening MechanismHandle
Other Body and Design FeaturesCeramic Enamel Interior Hygienic
  • 4. LG 28 ltr convection Microwave oven. Price 12799 Rs
    • Touch keypad
    • Autocook menu, child lock
    • 1-year warranty on product and five years on Magnetron.
Dimensions Power Features Performance Features Convenience Features
Width51 cmPower Output900 WPreheatYesChild LockYes
Height30.5 cmPower RequirementAC 230 V, 50 HzTimerYesRacks & Trays AvailableGrill Rack
Depth49.5 cmPower Consumption – Grill1200 WDefrostYesOther Convenience FeaturesKeep Warm, Custom Cook, Body Massage Oil, Quick Menu, Defrost Non Veg, Quick Defrost, Quick Start, Defrost Veg, Fermentation
Turntable Diameter32 cmPower Consumption – Convection1950 WPower Levels5
Weight18.5 kgPower Consumption – Microwave900 WOther Performance FeaturesAuto Defrost Options, Increase / Decrease Function
Other Power FeaturesMicrowave Output: 900 W, Combination Wattage: 1950 W
Body And Design Features
Cavity MaterialStainless Steel
Turntable MaterialGlass
  • 6. Panasonic 23 ltr convection Microwave oven. Price 12299 Rs
    • Touch keypad
    • Autocook menu, child lock
    • 1-year warranty on product and three years on Cavity.
General Performance Features Dimensions
In The BoxWarranty Card (Inside)PreheatYesWidth48.26 cm
1 Microwave OvenTimerYesHeight29.21 cm
Glass TrayDefrostYesDepth34.29 cm
Round WirePower Levels5Turntable Diameter288 mm
BrandPanasonicTemperature Range100 – 200 degree C
Model NameNN-CT353BFDGTemperature Range Levels40Cooking Features
TypeConvectionOther Performance FeaturesDefrost: TurboAuto Cook Menu61
Capacity23 L Auto Cook Menu AvailableYes
ColorSilverBody And Design Features Auto Indian Cook Menu39
ShadeBlack MirrorCavity MaterialStainless SteelOther Cooking FeaturesExpress Cooking
Control TypeTouch Key Pad (Membrane)Turntable MaterialGlass
  • 7. Bajaj 23 ltr convection Microwave oven. Price 10695 Rs
    • Touch keypad with a sensitive touch, Easy to clean.
    • One year Bajaj warranty.
    • Deodorizer, child lock, auto cook menu.
General Cooking Features
In The Box1 Microwave Oven and User ManualMaximum Cooking Time60 min
BrandBajajAuto Cook Menu AvailableYes
Model Name2310ETCCooking Completion IndicatorYes
TypeConvectionOther Cooking FeaturesAuto Cook, Combination Cooking, Multi Stage Cooking, Express Cooking
Capacity23 L
ColorBlackConvenience Features
Child LockYes
Other Convenience FeaturesMulti Power Levels
Performance Features
TimerYesWidth32.99 cm
DefrostYesHeight43.61 cm
Other Performance FeaturesWeight Defrost, Time DefrostDepth53.59 cm
Weight14 kg
  • 8. Morphy Richards 30 ltr convection Microwave oven. Price 10990 Rs
    • Touch keypad.
    • Two year – warranty with Morphy Richards.
    • Child lock, Auto cook menu.
General Performance Features Cooking Features Body And Design Features Power Features
In The Box1 MicrowavePreheatYesMaximum Cooking Time100 minBody MaterialCRCA with Powder Coat FinishPower Output900 W
Wire RackTimerYesAuto Cook Menu10Cavity MaterialStainless SteelPower RequirementAC 230 V, 50 Hz
Baking PlateDefrostYesAuto Cook Menu AvailableYesDoor TypeGlass Door with Double Glass and Protective Sheet Metal MeshOperational Current11:00 AM
Rotisserie SetPower Levels5Cooking Completion IndicatorYesDoor Opening MechanismPull HandlePower Consumption – Grill1100 W
BrandMorphy RichardsSteam CookYesCooking ModesConvection and Combination, Grill, MicrowaveTurntableYesPower Consumption – Convection2500 W
Model Name30 MCGR DeluxeReheatYesOther Cooking FeaturesAuto Indian Cook MenuTurntable FeaturesMotorizedPower Consumption – Microwave1450 W
TypeConvectionVenting TypeYes Turntable MaterialToughened Glass
Capacity30 LControl FeaturesSensory Protection Interior LightYes
ColorBlackTemperature Range140 230 degree C Convenience Features
ShadeBlackTemperature Range Levels10 Memory FunctionYes
Control TypeTouch Key Pad (Membrane) DeodorizerNo
Frequency2450 MHz Child LockYes
Display TypeLED Overheat ProtectionYes
Racks & Trays AvailableWire Rack
Other Convenience Features24 hrs Real Clock Timer
  • 9. Haier 28 ltr convection Microwave oven. Price 11779 Rs
    • Warranty: 1 year on product and three years on magnetron
    • Deodorizer, keep warm and rotisserie
Capacity28 Liters
Volume Capacity Name28 Liters
Part NumberHIL2801RBSJ
Special FeaturesTact Button/Jog Dial
Oven Cooking ModeConvection
Wattage1400 Watts
MaterialStainless Steel
Included ComponentsOven, High rack, Low rack, Rotisserie and Crispy plate
  • 10. Bosch 23 ltr convection Microwave oven. Price 8609 Rs
    • Warranty: 2 years on the Product and 7 Years on the Magnetron
    • A complete Cooking device, with a baking tray, two Grills and a seamless user interface
    • Five power settings for all your cooking needs, Rotary knob
    • Extremely easy to clean
Capacity23 Liters
Volume Capacity Name23 Liters
Installation TypeFree-Standing
Oven Cooking ModeConvection
ColourMetallic Silver
Voltage230 Volts
Fuel TypeElectric
Included Components1 Microwave Oven, Accessories(Turntable, Roller Ring, Tall Wire rack, Low wire rack, Backing tray), 1 Instruction Manual,

Please note, The prices mentioned here are the prices available online with a discount; it may vary, depending on Season, offer, company policy, sale, etc.

So, friends, I hope you liked the list of Best Microwave oven in India below Rs 15000.

Have a great day! Enjoy and Happy Cooking!