Maharashtra has the rich history of forts. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj king of the Maratha empire has given the numerous forts to the state of Maharashtra. All the forts are at an excellent location, maximum forts you can see in the mountain range of Sahyadri, and there are few forts which are in Sea and on other places.

If you visit these places, you can see the incredible techniques, beautiful valleys, mountains, which makes you realize that how the fort must have built and the vision, courage, techniques, skills of people in that era. Best Forts in Maharashtra are also famous for trekking and sightseeing. You can visit with your family and friends.

Here is the list of 61 best forts in Maharashtra, which are worth visiting.

List of Best Forts in Maharashtra

Ahmednagar Fort
Akluj Fort
Akola Fort
Antur Fort
Bahadur Fort
Balapur Fort
Bhairavgad (fort)
Bhamer Dhule
Bhuikot Killa
Chauler Fort
Daulatabad Fort
Ghodbunder Fort
Kaldurg Fort
Kamandurg Fort
Kandhar Fort
Kavnai fort
Laling fort
Mahur Fort
Mandangad fort
Manikgad (Raigad)
Naldurg Fort
Nanded Fort
Panhala Fort
Paranda Fort
Pettah of Ahmednagar
Rangana Fort
Sindhudurg Fort
Udgir Fort
Vijaydurg Fort

Ahmednagar FortBest forts in Maharashtra

Ahmednagar fort is situated near Bhingar Nala, Ahmednagar. The fort is under the administration of the Indian Army. You can visit this fort from 10 am to 5 pm. During the British raj, the fort was used as a prison. Pt Jawaharlal Nehru wrote the famous book “Discovery of India” here only. Maulana Abul Kalam Azad also compiled his famous book called “Ghubar-E-Khatir here.

  • Air – Nearest Airport is Shirdi, which is 80 km away and has connectivity from Mumbai, Pune, Delhi. Ahmednagar also has a seaplane facility and has connectivity from Juhu port Mumbai.
  • Rail – Ahmednagar is a junction and have connectivity from all major cities.
  • Road – Ahmednagar has connectivity and buses running from Mumbai, Pune, Aurangabad.

Akluj FortBest forts in Maharashtra

Akluj fort is also known as Shivsrushti fort. This fort is located at Akluj in Solapur district of Maharashtra.

  • Air – Nearest airport is Pune, and the distance is 170 km
  • Rail – The nearest railway station is Solapur. Solapur to fort distance is 115 km.
  • Road – Solapur is well connected by road; you can get buses from Pune, Mumbai, at regular intervals.

Akola Fort

This fort is built in 1697 and is situated in Akola. The fort also has the famous Shiva temple called Shree Raj Rajeshwar mandir. Akola is well – connected by train and road, its a junction on the Mumbai Kolkata rail line. The nearest airport is Nagpur, which is 260 Km.

Anjaneri Fort

The Anjaneri fort is located in the mountain range of Nashik Trimbakeshwar. The distance between Nashik and the fort is 20 km. It is also a famous trekking spot for people. Nashik is connected by Road, Train, and Air transport. Anjaneri is also known as the birthplace of Lord Hanuman

Antur Fort

Antur fort is near Cimnapur village in Kannad taluka of Aurangabad district. The fort is built in the 15th Century. Aurangabad to Antur fort distance is 115 Km via NH 52.

Bahadur Fort

Bahadur fort is near Daund in Pune district. Pune to Fort distance is 100 Km. There are five temples in the fort to visit.

Balapur Fort

Balapur fort situated in the town of Balapur in Akola district of Maharashtra. This fort was built-in 1757 and was damaged by flood almost 100 years ago. Now its repaired and used as a government office.

Bhairavgad Fort

Bhairavgad fort is almost 2500 years old and located in Shirpunja village of Akole Taluka in Ahmednagar district. There are two big caves on the top of the Bhairavnath temple. Ahmednagar is well connected by road, rail, and air.

Bhamer Dhule

Its historical fort in the Sakri tehsil of Dhule district. The fort is in damaged condition. It is 48 km from Dhule. You can reach to Dhule from all major cities of Maharashtra.

Bhuikot FORT

This fort is a residential place for the Jahagirdar family and it is on flat land. This fort situated in the Daulatabad area of Aurangabad district.

Chauler Fort

This fort situated in Nashik District, The fort location from Nashik is 100 Km and ruled by Maratha empire and subsequently British captured it.

Dategad Fort

The Dategad fort is in the Satara district. the distance from Satara is 75 Km and spread on a 3-acre area. In the beginning, Maratha ruled the Dategad fort, and later by British. This fort has an entrance gate to enter the tableland. There are Hanuman and Ganpati temple in the fort.

Daulatabad Fort

Daulatabad Fort also known as Devagiri or Deogiri and situated in Aurangabad. It was the capital of the Yadava Dynasty. It is believed that Lord Shiva stayed on the hills of the surrounding region, therefore, the fort originally known as Deogiri.

Dhodap Fort

Dhodap fort is a hill fort and situated in Maharashtra. The fort is 55 km away from Nashik and 16 km from Abhona in the Satmala range, Nashik region of Sahyadri. This fort is 4828 feet above from the sea level and is the second-largest fort in the Sahyadri mountains after Salher.

This fort is famous for adventure and trekking. The Dhodap Fort constructed with the dressed stone and brickwork. People staying in the vicinity believe that there is a “Cow of Stone” inside the hill, which move during the festival of Vasubaras.

Galana Fort

Galana fort situated at Malegaon Taluka of Nashik district. This fort is located on the hills between Malegaon and Dhule. The fort has an important bastion, and the entrance is in good condition.

Gawillghur Fort

Gawilghur fort situated in Melghat tigar reserve in Amravati district.

Ghangad Fort

This fort is near Lonavala and Khandala which is about 100 km from Pune. This fort is located 30 km away from Lonavala Khandala. We can go via road from Mumbai or Pune. The Shivaji trail group does the fort restoration with the help of local villagers. This fort is 300 years old, and there is a trekking path to start from the Hillock south of the Ekole village. There is a dense forest in the trekking root, and it is available in all season. The nearby villagers of Ekole arrange the night stay and food at a reasonable rate

Ghodbander Fort

This fort situated in the Ghodbander village in Thane,Maharashtra.

Gowalkot Fort

This fort is located on the Southern bank of Vashishti River. It is about 10 km from Chiplun, Maharashtra and spread over 2 acres of land. You can rich Chiplun from Mumbai by road.

Harishchandragad Fort

Harshchandragad Fort is a hill fort in Ahmednagar district. This fort is famous for trekking lover, people can experience the beutifull scenary. This fort is also famous for natural beaty.

Irshalgad Fort

Irshalgad situated between Matheran and Panvel near Mumbai. The fort was under Maratha rule. Irshalgad fort offers a beautiful view of Morbe dam, Sondai fort, Karnala Fort, and Prabalgad fort; and known as sister fort of Prabalgad. To reach Irshalgad, you can take Cab from Panvel, Mumbai. There are regular buses available for Irshalgad.

Kaldurg Fort

Fort situated in the Palghar district, Mumbai. The height of the fort is 475 meters from sea level. You can see the view of the Arabian sea and the Palghar area from the fort. You can take a bus from the Palghar bus stand for Wada and need to get down at WaghobaKhind.

Kamandurg Fort

This fort situated in Vasai – Bhiwandi road, Mumbai. You can reach by walk/trekking within three hours from Devkund village, You will experience the dense forest which will give you a beautiful view.

Kandhar Fort

Kandhar fort is located in Nanded district. the fort is 40 km from Nanded and built by King Krishna III of Malkhed.

Kavnai Fort

Kavnai fort is located in Kavnai village of Igatpuri taluka in Nashik district. The fort is coonected by road from Igatpuri, which is 18 km.

Kharda Fort

kharda fort is situated in Ahmednagar district. Ahmednagar to fort distance is 100 Km. The Kharda village is surrounded by 12 Jyotirling ( 12 temples of lord Shiva). There is also a Kanifnath temple which is on hill with 400 stairs.

Kohoj Fort

Kohoj fort is located on Mumbai Ahmedabad highway near Palghar, which is 104 km from Mumbai. The fort is 800 years old. The height of the fort is 3200 ft from sea level. There are natural pinnacles formed due to wind erosion. two of them are man-shaped, which are an attraction for people.

Laling Fort

Lalling fort situated in Dhule district. the fort is on lalling hill. presently the fort is in a ruined condition. it offers Dhule city view from the top. There is a Lilitamata temple in the fort. the distance between the fort and LAlling village is 8 Km.

Mahipatgad Fort

Mahipatgad situated in Khed, Ratnagiri. the distance from Khed to the fort is 19 km. The Mahipatgad, Suamergad, and Rasalgad on the same line, which runs parallel to western ghats. The hight of Mahipatgad is 3090 ft from sea level. Mahipatgad is covered with dense forest. You can see leopards, wild pigs, and barking bears in the region.

Mahuli Fort

Mahuli fort is at 2815 ft from sea level at Asangaon in Thane district. This fort is popular for trekking and rock climbing. This fort comes under the jurisdiction of the Tansa wildlife sanctuary. to reach fort you can get down at Asngaon railway station on the local line of CST – Kasara.

Mahur Fort

This fort is in Mahur taluka of Nanded. Nanded to fort distance is 130 Km. The temple of goddess Renukadevi is situated on the fort. The fort was built by Yadavas of Devgiri in 1358. On the eve of Dasara, a big fair is organized at the fort. The Painganga river flows around the hill.

Malanggad Fort

Mallanggad, also known as Baba Haji Malang Darga, this fort is situated in the Matheran hill range near Mumbai. the height of the fort is 789 Metr from sea level. The fort is built on three-level; on the first level, there is Dargah, the second level is called Pir Machi, and the higher level is called Sone machi. This fort has multiple watchtower and gates. You can reach the fort from Kalyan Station. Buses and rikshaw are available to visit.

Mandangad Fort

It is also called Chitradurga fort, it is situated near Mandangad town in Ratnagiri district of MAharashtra. This fort was constructed by King Bhoj. The fort has Ganpati temple and a lake.

Mangalgad Fort

Mangalgad fort is also called as Kangori fort. It is in Mahad taluka of Raigad. the distance between Mahad and fort is 18 Km. the fort is located on mountain and it takes around 2 hours trekking to reach fort from village called Dudhanewadi. It has a temple of Kangori devi.

Mangi – Tungi Fort

It is a well-known twin pinnacle peak, located near Tehrabad in Nashik. the distance between Nashik and Tehrabad is 125 km. There are many Jain temples. There is also a pond name Krishna Kund, which is said to be the last days of Lord Krishna. You can also witness the cave here.

Manikgad Fort

This fort is also known as Gadchandur, which is situated in Chandrapur district. It was constructed by Naga King Gahilu in 9CE.

Manikgad (Raigad) Fort

This fort is located in Vashivali village (Rasayani) near Panvel in Mumbai region. The distance from Panvel to fort is 27 Km. The fort was built by Kanhoji Angre.

Mulher Fort

Mulher fort situated on the bank of Mausam river in Nashik district. This is on State Highway 14, You can reach to this place from Taharabad town.

Naldurg Fort

This fort situated in the Naldurga town of Osmanabad district. The fort was built by Nalraja. Osmanabad to Naldurga distance is 61 km via Akkalkot.

Nanded Fort

The Nanded fort also called Nandgiri fort, is located on the banks of Godavari river in Nanded. It is just 3 km from Nanded railway station. The fort converted into a garden to attract tourists.

Nhavigad Fort

This fort also is known as Ratangad or Nhavagad and is situated in the Selbari mountain range in the Baglan area of Nashik. You can reach this place from Tahrabad in Nashik.

Panhala Fort

Panhala fort is also known as Panhalgad. It is located in Panhala village of Kolhapur which is 20 Km away. This fort was a strategic location for the Maratha empire. It has many features like Andhar Bavadi, Kalavanticha Mahal, Amberkhana, Dharma Kothi, Sajja Kothi, Teen Darwaza, Wagh Darwaza, Rajdindi Bastion and temples & Museums.

Paranda Fort

Paranda fort situated in Paranda town in Osmanabad district.

Pargadh Fort

Pargadh Fort also known as Paargad is situated in Kolhapur district near Chandgad. there is direct bus from Chandgad to reach Pargad.

Pavangad FortBest forts in Maharashtra

Pavangad fort is in Kolhapur district and a half a mile east to Panhala fort.

Pettah of Ahmednagar Fort

The Pettah of Ahmednagar situated in Ahmednagar.

Prachitgad FortBest forts in Maharashtra

Prachitgad situated on the western edge of Chandoli National Park in Sangli district. It is on the four district boundaries of Sangli, Kolhapur, Ratnagiri, and Satara. The nearest city is Sangameshwar, which is 22 km. the Fort is only accessible by foot from Shrigarpur near Sangameshwar. It is a 5 to 8-hour trek. You can also go from the Chandoli dam which is 14 to 15 hours by a walk through the forest. You can see Sada doh which made of frozen lava and Kandar doh which is a waterfall on river Warna. There is also an Old Bhairav Bhawani temple and Sun temple called Kunkeshwar near Sangameshwar.

Ramsej Fort

Ramsej or Ramshej fort is located in Nashik Vapi road. the distance from Nashik is 10 Km. There is a story that Lord Rama stayed here during his visit to Lanka.

Rangana Fort

Rangana fort also known as Prasiddhgad is located in the Bhudargad taluka of Kolhapur. The fort was built by King Bhoj II.

Ratangad Fort

Ratangad fort situated in Ratan wadi of Ahmednagar district. The main attraction here is the Amruteshwar temple, famous for its carvings. The fort also an origin for a river called Pravara or Amrutvahini and Bhandardara dam is built on this river. You can see the forts like Alang, Kulang, Madan gad, and Harishchandra gad from top of this fort. there is a natural hole on top of the mountain, which has happened due to erosion. You can reach to this fort from Ratanwadi. you can approach Ratanwadi by boat or road.

Salher Fort

Salher fort is located near Satana taluka of Nashik. As per legend, Lord Parshuram did the Tapascharya here. You can reach here from Taharabad in Nashik, which is 112 km. You can start climbing from Waghambe, Salher village.

Samangad Fort

Samangad fort situated in Kolhapur district. The important attraction here is Bhui Bhangara, cracked land, a temple of Lord Shiva under the rock.

Sindhudurg FortBest forts in Maharashtra

Sindhudurg fort is in the Arabian sea in Malvan, Sindhudurg district, and built by Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The fort remains close during the rainy season.

Songir FortBest forts in Maharashtra

Songir fort situated in Songir town of Dhule district.

Suamargad Fort

Suamergad is located in Ratnagiri district near Khed. the distance between Khed and fort is 19 Km.

Suvarnadurg Fort

Suvarnadurg fort is located on island in Arabian sea near Harnai , Dapoli. Mumbai to Harnai distance is 230 km.

Thalner Fort

Thalner fort situated on the banks of Tapi river, in Shirpur taluka of Dhule district. There is a famous Thaleshwar stone temple.

Udgir Fort – Best forts in Maharashtra

Udgir fort situated in Udgir city of Latur district of Maharashtra. This fort contains several palaces and samadhi of Udaygiri Maharaj.

Vijaydurg Fort

Vijaydurg fort situated in Devgad taluka of Sindhudurg cost of Konkan region and surrounded by sea but connected to the land through narrow roads.

Vishalgad Fort

Vishalgad fort is located in Kolhapur region.

Yashwantgad Fort

Yashwantgad fort located near Sawantwadi and 33 Km from the fort, The fort is built on 2 levels. The lower level is a large part of the fort and the upper part is smaller and is a hilltop to keep watch on maritime activity.

These are the best forts in Maharashtra, which you can visit and enjoy, learn the history as well as can see the breath taking view of sight seeings. I hope you got the information on all forts, you looking for.