If you are looking forward to spend quality time on weekend then here is the topic for you. “BEST 20 PLACES TO VISIT NEAR MUMBAI/PUNE ON WEEKEND”



One of the famous tourist destinations near Mumbai, Matheran, is also an exciting choice for sightseeing near Mumbai.The place has got this place due to the magnificent scenic beauty and various landscapes. The place is accessible from the city by comfortable places, roads, and trains.

  • Major attractions: Prabal Fort, Charlotte Lake, Shivaji’s Ladder, and a Tree Hill Point.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 42 km
  • Distance from Pune: 80 km



126 km from the busy city of Mumbai. Malshej Ghat promises to be an experience that brings peace and happiness to all who come to this place at a distance.

The scenic views of this place have a therapeutic effect on people who feel oppressed by the stresses of daily life. The sheer beauty of this place often makes us fall in love with it.

  • Major Attractions: Rock climbing at Ajoba Hill Fort, Malshej Falls, Bird watching at Pimpalgaon Joga Dam, and access to Harishchandragad Fort.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 126 km
  • Distance from Pune: 127 km


For a great weekend trip from Mumbai, Lonavala is well known for its pristine beauty and spectacular landscapes. Be it lakes, streams, gardens, or scenic greenery, that place has everything.

This small town of the city has many tourist attractions with forts, caves, and temples. Getting you out of the hustle and bustle of city life makes Lonavla the perfect choice for a little peace.

  • Major Attractions: Kune Falls, Tiger Sanctuary, Lohagad Fort, Bhaj Caves, Nagfani, Carla Caves, and Pavana Lake.
  • Distance from Mumbai: km 83 km
  • Distance from Pune: 65 km


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The enchanting beauty of Khandala attracts tourists from the nearby metropolis every year. The main attraction of the region is the unique collection of exceptional landscapes extended by a touch of history.

It is also known how many treks have come due to this small location; Khandala proves to be a haven for nature lovers.

  • Major Attractions: Rajmachi Fort, Bhushi Lake, Valvan Dam, Shooting Point, and Reversing Station.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 80 km
  • Distance from Pune: 69 km


Mahabaleshwar is the highest hill station in the west and is also one of the best places near Mumbai. Primarily renowned for its outdoor production of berries such as strawberries, mulberries, gooseberries, and raspberries, this place has a grand feel.

The charm of this small space can be attributed to the specific reason it maintains its old-world charm, which is right in today’s world. No one can miss the mesmerizing beauty of this city reflected in Mahabaleshwar.

  • Main attractions: Mahabaleshwar Temple, Mount Malcolm, Rajpuri Caves, Pratapgad Fort, and Morarji Fort.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 222 km
  • Distance from Pune: 118 km


Another of the gems around Mumbai, Panchgani, has made this place after this name.

The perfection of the place is reflected in the charm of the British and the Parsis’ old world. The greenery of the place and the carvings like the snakes of the river Krishna give it a grand feeling.

  • Major Attractions: Kamalgad Fort, Pandavgad Caves, Rajpuri Caves, and Table Land.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 244 km
  • Distance from Pune: 99 km


Shirdi, one of the famous pilgrimage sites in India, is associated with the 1st-century saint Sai Baba.

Devotees of these holy saints place a considerable number every year. A place of faith and devotion, Shirdi is a place of pilgrimage, even for ordinary travelers. Witness the beautiful display of faith of the devotees of Sai Baba when you visit the place yourself.

  • Major Attractions: Shri Sai Babasamad Temple, Gurusthan, Dixit Wada Museum, and Dwarkamai Mosque.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 238 km
  • Distance from Pune: 184 km


A small port city of Maharashtra, Ratnagiri promises tourists a serene atmosphere, magnificent spectacles of the sea, and a rich history of Pandava legends. It’s all in water fountains, waterfalls, monuments, beaches, and hills. Due to its unique properties, this place is one of the tourist destinations near Mumbai.

  • Major Attractions: Ratnadurg Fort, Jaigad Lighthouse, Mandvi Beach, and Jaigad Fort.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 326 km
  • Distance from Pune: 310 km


If you are looking for clean beaches and solitude, Ganpatipule is your best bet around Mumbai. The feature of this place is that the temple was built around 400 years ago, around a statue of Lord Ganesha found by a passing villager.

Apart from the religious features of the place, the place can attract tourists due to the lack of commercialization. This small village does a great job of reviving the busy business life of the people of Mumbai.

  • Major Attractions: Ganpatipule Beach, and Swayambhu Ganapati Temple.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 323 km
  • Distance from Pune: 333 km


One of the weekend vacations from the Mumbai metropolis, Hariheshwar, is famous for its exotic beaches and divine temples. Located at a distance of 13 km from Mumbai, this small paradise shows simplicity and devotion.

If they are not temples, then the architecture of the place has won the hearts of all the visitors.

  • Major Attractions: Harihareshwar Beach, Kalbhairav ​​Temple, Divegar Beach, Ganesh Galli, and Sonia Devi Temple.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 192 km
  • Distance from Pune: 170 km


If water sports is a replica of your stress, Kolad is your refuge, home to many water sports facilities, Kolad is an ideal choice for adventure seekers.

Whether it’s trekking, cycling, hiking, kayaking, or rafting, it has everything to offer. Besides, the extensive vegetation of the region is also worth seeing.

  • Major Attractions: Tala Fort, Gaimukh, Sutarwadi Lake, Kuda Mandad Caves, and Ghosala Fort.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 122 km
  • Distance from Pune: 113 km



A simple journey of two to three hours from Mumbai takes you to another paradise called Bhandardara. The place is known for its exceptional landscapes, lush green layouts, and mesmerizing waterfalls.

If you need a break from the hectic pace of a big city like Mumbai and want to spend some time with nature, this place is an ideal destination.

  • Main attractions: Bhandardara Lake, Randha Falls, Mount, Kalsubai, Ratangad Fort, and Chhatra Falls.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 164 km
  • Distance from Pune: 163 km


The charm of a place as small as the Amboli valley is in the romantic setup that has blessed it. The mix of high waterfalls and tranquility in a small town in a small town in a small town is a favorite place to get close to Mumbai.

Apart from the purity during the summer and rainy seasons, the place proves to be a perfect break from the scorching temperatures in south-west India.

  • Major Attractions: Madhavgad Fort, Nagata Falls, Parikshit Point, Hiran Yakeshi Temple, and Kavleshlet Valley.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 489 km
  • Distance from Pune: 343 km


Another popular destination near Mumbai is Alibag; This small space has its charm. It is the simplicity and beauty of a small cottage, and the location is so admirable in a field a short distance from the beach.

Due to its natural beauty, these places are at the foot of Mumbai. If you are looking for beaches, forts, and temples, this place will be your ideal choice.

  • Major attractions: Kankeshwar Devasthan Temple, Alibag Beach, and Colaba Fort.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 94 km
  • Distance from Pune: 140 km


Nashik is a major tourist destination near Mumbai. Famous for its vineyards, it is a pleasure to visit.

If the natural beauty of the place is how the attraction started, it is connected with the temple and the Indian epic Ramayana, which makes it reach the highest point of charisma. During the religious Kumbh Mela, many people tell about the place.

  • Major Attractions: Panchavati. Dudhsagar Falls, Pandav Leni Caves, Kapileshwar Temple, Naroshankara Temple and Jain Temple, Sula Vineyards.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 167 km
  • Distance from Pune: 212 km


If rejuvenation is an adventure sport for you, Kamshet is your refuge. This place near Mumbai has a set that caters to the needs of nature lovers and adventure seekers.

If the scenic beauty of the place enchants nature seekers, then it is the ease of adventure sports like paragliding and swimming in the reservoir that gives it an exquisite touch.

  • Major attractions: Kondeshwar Temple, Bhairi Caves, Bhandar Dongar, and Paragliding.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 104 km
  • Distance from Pune: 46 km


The beauty of this range, which includes the fort and the sea, is a feature of the region, while the tranquility is an added benefit of visiting the small town of this city. The structural part of the place further enhances the romanticism of the place.

In addition to all these, easy access to water sports like snorkeling and scuba diving is a must-visit.

  • Major Attractions: Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Bison National Park, Parasailing, Tarkarli Beach, Dolphin Spotting, and Sindhudurg Fort.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 491 km
  • Distance from Pune: 392 km


Another famous tourist destination near Mumbai, Daman, is situated perfectly between Maharashtra, Gujarat, and the Arabian Sea. An ideal destination to take a break from the busy city life, Daman promises to captivate you with stunning beaches and historical attractions.

The place has a lively collection of rulers that can be seen in the diversity of setups and establishments in the region.

  • Major attractions: Diu Fort, Diu Museum, Lighthouse, Panicota Fort, and St. Jerome Fort.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 181 km
  • Distance from Pune: 304 km


Kolhapur is a city with an unparalleled rich heritage and a lively display of culture. Kolhapur, famous for its exceptional collection of local cuisine and footwear, was delighted in more ways than one.

The temples and museums in Kolhapur help to amaze the place and must be visited for everyone.

  • Major Attractions: Mahalakshmi Temple, Rankala Lake, Temlabai Temple, Jyotiba Temple, and Shri Chhatrapati Shahu Museum.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 376 km
  • Distance from Pune: 231 km


Named after the great Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb, this place should be known for its cultural heritage.

Apart from the prominent cultural exhibits, the place has a Kham river set on one side and stunning Ajanta and Ellora caves on the other. Must visit; This place is one of the sights near Mumbai.

  • Main attractions: Ajanta and Ellora Caves, Baradai Nawaz Khan Archaeologist, Bibi Ka Tomb, and Sunehari Mahal.
  • Distance from Mumbai: 335 km
  • Distance from Pune: 237 km

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