Artificial Intelligence – new edge technology, or as it is commonly called AI, is the most critical and pathbreaking technology humans have developed. Artificial Intelligence is the fruit of Science and computer, which helps a machine or program to work intelligently or imaginatively to give solutions independently. Which, in return, allows humans to increase productivity.

Artificial Intelligence technology tool includes machine learning which provides analysis report to enhance problem-solving, planning, reasoning, thinking, and learning.

Artificial techniques have become the essential and integral part of technology. It is playing a crucial role in solving complex and challenging problems in operation and software technology.

Below are the few points or questions through which you will be able to get detailed information on artificial intelligence.


  1. What is Artificial Intelligence
  2. Importance of Artificial Intelligence
  3. Types of Artificial Intelligence
  4. How Artificial Intelligence Works?
  5. Uses of Artificial Intelligence
  6. Artificial Intelligence Tools and Application
  7. Artificial Intelligence (AI) Techniques
  8. Future of Artificial intelligence
  9. Companies working in Artificial Intelligence
  10. Advantage of Artificial Intelligence
  11. Problems with Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence is the branch of Computer science or also called as machine intelligence, that emphasizes on the development of intelligent machines, which work and think like a human and often described as computers or devices that able to do human functions like learning and problem-solving.

AI includes understanding human speech, playing strategic games like “Chess”, autonomously driving cars and military simulations.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence

  • Day to day task are made accessible due to AI.
  • AI has capabilities to work in an automated fashion.
  • AI-equipped machine speeds up the task and processes with accuracy.
  • It has made the significant contribution in a complex industry like medicine, physics, astrophysics, healthcare etc.

Types of Artificial Intelligence

There are two types of Artificial intelligence. These types are again divided into a subcategory.

Based on Functionality – Theory of Mind, Reactive Machine. Self Aware AI, Limited theory.

Based on Capabilities – Artificial narrow intelligence (ANI), artificial general intelligence (ANI), Artificial Superintelligence (ASI)

How Artificial Intelligence Works?

Artificial intelligence delivers results or brings a solution by dividing complex problems into subsection and finding the answer to all these subsections. There are five critical components of Artificial Intelligence which make it works – Discover -Predicts – Justify – Act – Learn.

Uses of Artificial Intelligence

There has been extensive usage of artificial intelligence in our day to day life, right from banking, healthcare, education, Marketing etc.

Artificial Intelligence Tools and Application

The most crucial task of Artificial intelligence tools and Application is to develop Machine or program which can do more productive and better work than Humans. AI tools and Application needs to understand Machine and human, by doing so and analysing it, it got the significant importance in the field of Robotics, and engineering science.

Artificial Intelligence Techniques

AI techniques are consists of four categories – Machine Learning, Automation and Robotics, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Vision. AI techniques used depending on the application and requirements.

Future of Artificial Intelligence

The role of Artificial intelligence has become the crucial and necessity in today’s world, right from, Amazon Alexa, SIRI to Automated driving cars are becoming part of our lives. AI has diversified in many fields and doing substantial and pathbreaking work in those respective fields, not only that we will see colossal development happening in the below-mentioned field like -Healthcare, Education, Finance, Military and Cybersecurity, Space Science, etc.

Companies working in Artificial Intelligence

Almost all technological and other companies are working in Artificial intelligence, like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, etc. all are using the AI, and they are coming up with new products now and then to give you the comfort and efficiency through artificial intelligence.

Advantage of Artificial Intelligence – New edge technology

  • AI used in the field of science to experiment and interpret data and reduce complexity.
  • Artificial Intelligence used in everyday life in aspects of communication, education, health, traffic control, safety measures, shopping, and time management.
  • Ai bound tool has a low error rate compared to human and saves labour cost.
  • Artificial Intelligence used in challenging exploration like Space exploration.
  • AI used for repetitive works.

Problems with Artificial Intelligence

the problems is devided into four category –

Job loss , Trust related, Safety problem and computation Problem.

And below mentioned are the few problems which are part of above mentioned categories.

  • It is a costly affair.
  • AI does lack creativity and can work efficiently but not creatively.
  • There is a risk of unemployment as Artificial intelligence equipped Robots can do the work of many people alone single-handedly.
  • Experience doesn’t work in AI as it doesn’t improve with experience.
  • It requires maintenance to keep it running.
  • There can be a trust-related problem as AI becomes dominant, it also brings trust issue on its ability, whether it can make a decision which are fare and better for humans.
  • We are working on vast data, which requires complex algorithms, and for that, we need Quantum computer (not available at present), and to date, our AI has not become that efficient to work on it, so it may not give the required result.


Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, especially in this decade. We are seeing the extensive use of it in all industry which are helping or making our life more comfortable in everyday life. as time will pass, it will become the dominant force in the world of technology and will have significant control over our lives and Only the future will tell whether its a boon or curse.

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